Staging ↘


The staging, clearly inspired by the world of comics, serves a fantastic story told with masks and puppets

The setting depicts a boy’s bedroom where everything is transformed in the hands of a dream and the accurate handling by the performer. The action is described by a voice over, which enhances the feeling of hearing the main characters’ voice. The original soundtrack has a dynamic cinematographic style which highlights the drama. The warm lighting cuts out the different scenes as if they were cartoons, and it defines the silhouettes of the characters. In this puppets and mask show everything is seen or sensed, this game is played between illusion and reality, making the audience travel through the mirror.

Is not precisely this what theatre is all about?

The theatre company El Perro Azul introduces an original masks and puppets show. In a skilful acting exercise a sole performer brings five characters to life.

In the context of a fantastic story, Superhero fascinates spectators through a surprising and delicate puppet handling technique.

The original soundtrack, the exquisite lighting together with a very expressive staging captivates audiences of any age group.



Sinopsis ↘


A dreamy youngster, living with his grandmother, is visited by the electricity engineer, who cuts off the supply due to unpaid bills. This event triggers a wonderful adventure, in which the youngster fights hard to get the electricity back. The engineer appears as a villain who is capable of kidnapping his grandma and steal the whole planet’s electricity supply.

The boy gain powers thanks to the “Light Stone” which his grandma kept hidden for him. The street lights   bring in a sensual dancer, who will also give him a power element, this will be used to beat the villain in the last combat, rescue his grandma, come back to his home reality and wake up from his dream


Superhero, makes us wonder, between reality and fiction, who is who: the villain, the dancer, the grandma, the superhero….

Superhero makes us look in the mirror, it says: You just have to make the right choice, you just have to be yourself



We all have hidden powers

We all keep some sort of conundrum

We all have a hero inside us





Composition of characters, combining body and mask.



International Festival of Street Theater, Noctivagos 2015 en Oropesa, Toledo.

The team: technicians and artists

Performer-handler: Fernando Moreno

Direction and playwright: Jorge Padín

Puppets and mask: Carlos Pérez

Original sound track: Borja Ramos

Voice over: Samuel Viyuela

Custom design: Martín Nalda

Lighting design: Juan Berzal

Set design: Juanjo Bañuelos

Props: Rubén Bañuelos

Masks replica: David Azpurgua

Dress maker: Amparo Cámara

Lighting technician: Carlos Cremades

Lighting equipment: AGT

Voice recording: Nada Producciones

Photography: Rafa Lafuente

Graphic design: Borja Ramos

Audio-visual material: Cráneo Pro y Diego Solloa

Road assistant: Susana Baldor

Public relations: Begoña G. Hidalgo

Production: El Perro Azul Theater

This show is available in Spanish, Catalan, Basque, French, Occitan, English and German

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