Globe Story


The staging ↘


Our play is a real tribute to silent film.

Without words, a piano sounds.

Globe story uses silent cinema comedy and fast pace to tell a love story. Set like a motion picture, a man and woman appear in vintage colours as if coming out of an old fashioned photographic process.

Together they use a couple of step ladders, a chest and lots of balloons to create swings, storms, mountains, babies, boats, beaches and hearts.

Globe story is more than just a theatrical show. Just as it was done in those silent films where the pianist played live to provide the film with a soundtrack, just the same, our pianist Elena Aranoa plays musical pieces especially composed and arranged for this gesture comedy. A real show, or maybe two.


Synopsis ↘


Globe story is a love story.

Globe Story is a humour hysteria.

Love at first sight joins Greta´s and Max´s lives forever. They will have a beautiful baby, they will spend their honeymoon on a cruise, they will chase a lover, they will dance a storm and will laugh at illness in a crazy hospital. They will live through their comic adventures passionately until they end, literally, heart in hand.

For all audience, especially for those who have forgotten how to smile.



A silent play comedy.



Technical and artistic data

Actress: Gemma Viguera

Actor: Fernando Moreno

Pianist: Elena Aranoa

Attire: Martín Nalda

Scenery: Santiago Ceña

Company technician: Carlos Cremades.

Graphic design: Borja Ramos

Photography: Raquel Fernández

Audiovisuales: Craneo Pro

Productions: El Perro Azul Theatre

Scenic direction and dramaturgy: Jorge Padín

This show is available in Spanish, Catalan, Basque, French, English and German

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