The Company

El perro azul is set up as a company with the aim of looking into different theatre languages that are capable of touching audiences of any age.

This is a challenging theatre project, both artistically and personally. It goes beyond mere entertainment. The company from La Rioja (Spain) expects your interaction in this evocative encounter on stage, a common space where you questions and dreams may be inhabited.


“We still dream, and will continue to play on the stage as long as our dreams remain.

A step, another, the setting, life, us, her, skin against skin, sweat, make up, madness, hours in the cold, hours of rehearsal, hours of passion, questions, and at the end always the audience.

We fight and enjoy, we call and don´t shut up, we wait and dispair. We want to shed our skin to pretend to be someone else, this is what makes us continue in this crazy life.

Finally the lights go on and we become the dream for an hour…. And everything makes sense”




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